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Multicultural Metropolis and Magnificent Museums

 Welcome to Berlin, a city so enriched with history and culture that it is itself like a huge museum park. This ultimate European metropolis has many sides and deep layers but for first-time visitors, it is a city of two dominating faces.

The first is the overall presence of the city’s dramatic and historic past. The city’s war-torn timeline is preserved in museums and monuments in a profound and respectful way. This need to remember and reflect is highlighted in the German word for monument, “Denkmal” meaning literally “a moment to think” and it just might be what the Germans do best. For this reason, few destinations are as loved by history buffs the world over.

The second face is a much lighter and livelier experience. This is the colorful multicultural metropolis that is Berlin. Traversing through the diverse neighborhoods and streets of Berlin is something of a global experience. A true Western European city, Berlin also has a large population of immigrants who enrich this city with their own culture. This is most evident in the colorful shops, ethnic markets and edgy events happening seemingly everywhere in these parts.

A Monumental Stroll in Berlin

And that’s not to mention the endless “Sehenswürdigkeiten” (e. places worth seeing) in this city. A list of things to do and see in Berlin could fill a medium-sized library but here’s our take of a shortlist in the form of a 30-minute walk to give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

Walk through the gorgeous Tiergarten Park, past the monumental Reichstag building, through the historical Brandenburg Gate down the epic boulevard of Unter den Linden until you reach the massive Museum Island. What’s that you ask? Oh, just an island in the river Spree in the middle of the city with five enormous buildings and their huge and remarkable museum collections. Like a boss. Just so you know, you’ve just taken an imaginary stroll past the Holocaust memorial, the Neue Wache war memorial and the site of the Bebelplatz book burning, to name just a few.

For this very reason, give yourself plenty of time to drink in this amazing and monumental metropolis.

Popular Events in Berlin

Berlin's most famous tour!

The City Circle Yellow tour allows you the opportunity to discover Berlin’s most famous landmarks and monuments. Let one of our yellow double-deckers take you on an exciting tour of the city that stretches from Alexanderplatz in the east to the stately Charlottenburg Palace in the westernmost end of the city.

An Evening at Charlottenburg Palace: Dinner and Concert Ticket

You will begin the evening with a three course candlelight dinner in a cozy ambiance located at the Charlottenburg Palace Orangery. The beautiful performance by the Berlin Residence Orchestra will complete your evening.

Cold War Walking Tour of Berlin

This guided Berlin walking tour will show you the battleground of the military conflict between the western world and the communist world. With your expert guide, see the Berlin Wall and hidden areas of the Death Strip, a former guard tower and travel through underground 'Ghost Stations'.