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Glorious Architecture and Historical Sites

Sometimes described as “the fat, red and learned city” Bologna might need a little explaining. It’s not really an overweight and sunburnt scholar but rather a foody haven of fat meat cuts, gorgeous red tiled rooftops and a huge and historical student population. A major adjective is missing from this clichéd description, the ultimate characteristic of Bologna: beautiful.

Beautiful Bologna boasts Europe’s second largest historic center and its endless rows of beautifully renovated buildings, churches and archways leave nothing to be desired. This is also home to the oldest University in the Western world and its historical main building, the Archiginnasio, just off the gorgeous Piazza Maggiore square. An old university building might not be an obvious choice to explore but comes highly recommended, especially the anatomical theatre, one of the oldest of its kind. The building’s intricate decorations and impactful history create a setting of higher learning and scientific innovation that results in an almost spiritual experience. And that’s just the university. The city’s many churches, basilicas and cathedrals date from as early as the 8th century and offer awe-inspiring settings for meditation and contemplation.

Foody Haven in Beautiful Bologna

Bologna is one of the wealthiest cities in Italy and as a result, quality of life is very high here. These gorgeous Italian streets are most famous for their elegant porticoes and numerous towers. The porticoes are beautiful archways that shelter pedestrians from the sun and extend for over 45 km, creating a charismatic streetscape of shops, cafés and markets. The towers are remnants of medieval defense fortresses and the remaining 20 of the original 180 are popular destinations for their history and the amazing views of the city they offer from the top. The most famous towers and landmarks of the city are the Due Torri. These high towers and their narrow steps are a worthwhile way to burn off those delicious rich sausages you inevitably had for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And while Bologna certainly is a wonderful destination for its beauty, culture and history, this is after all Italy and no visit to Bologna is complete without a feast of delicious cured sausages, fresh pasta and the finest red wine you can afford. The city’s most famous culinary product is without a doubt the Bolognese sauce which in Italy is called the “ragú” and is never, ever, served with spaghetti. Stay cool and order the tagliatelle with ragú. You won’t regret it.

Eat, drink, meditate and be merry and let the beauty of Bologna wash over you with style.