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Athens of America

What makes Boston such a wonderful destination you ask? Maybe it’s the glorious city parks and open spaces. Perhaps it’s the philosophical attitude coming from the city’s many schools, granting it the nickname “Athens of America”. Or is it that charming contrast of the fast-paced American big city metropolis and quiet historical village, all rolled into one?

You will of course find your own answer but rest assured, Boston will win your heart in no time. One of the highlights of the Boston experience is of course its people. With their characteristic accent and down-to-earth Irish-American attitude, the stereotypical Bostonian is a joy to be around. Just make sure you root for the Boston Red Sox in the vicinity of Fenway Park and you’ll be alright.

Cheers to Freedom!

A good place to start exploring this city is Beacon Hill, one of the country’s most picturesque neighborhoods. Built up in the 18th and 19th centuries, this hilltop area is full of cobblestoned streets lit with antique lanterns and lined with Victorian houses. The area is full of wonderful boutiques and artisan shops and somehow feels both rooted in history and like an unreal theatre production.

To enjoy the historical side of this remarkable town, walk the Freedom Trail, a marked trail in the sidewalk in the downtown area that leads visitors between 16 significant locations to the history of the United States.

After stopping by at the legendary “Cheers” pub on Beacon Street, cross over from the old to the new by strolling through the Public Garden. It’s a wonderful and enchanting park in the heart of the city that leads you west to Back Bay for a full-blown shopping and dining experience. And for that cultivated higher-learning atmosphere, visit Harvard Square in Cambridge and its surrounding university grounds.

Granted, Boston is a beautiful old-world charmer with a flair for the finer things in life. But if a cold beer and a great slice of pizza in great company is all you’re after, you’ll have no problems living that dream in Boston. 

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