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Edgy Gastronomy and Quirky Legends

Picture yourself in a grand square of stately buildings, surrounded by enthusiastic tourists and political thinkers all looking for a superb snack, a hearty meal or the finest dining experience of their life. Congratulations, you’re in Brussels, the de facto capital of the European Union and one of the most exciting gastronomical destinations in the world.

Before you pile on the pounds because it’s simply unavoidable in this city, it’s worth nothing that there’s more to Brussels than food. There’s that small statue of a child urinating into a fountain. This sounds like a joke, but Manneken Pis is one of the city’s best-known landmarks and it’s really just a rather tiny fountain. It does however hold an important place in this city’s character and comes with all sorts of quirky legends and fun traditions, such as dressing it up in a new costume multiple times a week. Mark our words, you’ll leave Brussels with some kind of Manneken Pis memorabilia and fond memories of it. Now, on to the food…

Home of Tintin and Hercule Poirot

While Brussels is home to over a dozen Michelin-starred restaurants and the more traditional Flemish cuisine that puts the comfort in comfort food, it is perhaps in its deserts and delicatessens that this city excels. Just think of all the glorious treats named after this place, Belgian chocolates, Belgian waffles and Brussel sprouts. Sure, Brussel sprouts aren’t a desert and they’re perhaps the most controversial of all vegetables but for fans, they might as well be the ultimate delicatessen. After checking all the obvious boxes and consuming more chocolate than you ever thought possible, be sure to sample some of the city’s world-famous pralines. When you think you can’t possibly consume more food, move on to the beer. This is after all Europe’s unofficial beer capital. Beer festivals, breweries, guided tours, colorful pubs and craft beer gardens make up the most exquisite beer setting in the world, in our humble opinion of course.

If your holiday is becoming a little too decadent, it’s time to move on to the actual sightseeing and there’s plenty of it. The imposing and beautiful square Grand Place should be at the top of your list followed by the Atomium with its magical spheres and interesting exhibitions. Don’t miss the Hergé Museum, just outside the city for a full doze of Tintin before you venture a little further out to visit Brussels’ most beautiful neighbor, the glorious city of Bruges.

Brussels is ultimately meant to be enjoyed in fine detail so don your best Hercule Poirot attitude and indulge in the detailed nuances of the best Brussels has to offer.