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Relaxed Coziness and an Artsy Nightlife

 Sweden often tops the charts when countries are ranked for quality of life. With a population of over 10 million people, this largest of the Nordic nations is a sort of promised land and its second largest city, Gothenburg, is no exception.

Picture an old port city that linked Sweden with the rest of the world. Imagine picturesque canals, charming old architecture, and colorful facades. Now add some of the happiest people on earth and voila! You’re in Gothenburg.

These fairytale streets have a unique atmosphere of relaxed coziness, unique to Scandinavia, a mixture of wonderful pastry and the world’s best coffee. At night, the atmosphere turns to Michelin star restaurants, an artsy nightlife, and a fusion of laid back and liberal culture.

Renowned Design in a Quirky Setting

Like any large port town, Gothenburg is a hub of activity, but this one has that sweet Swedish added touch of the “fika”, that special untranslatable Swedish word that means to take a break from it all to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a delicious pastry with your friends.

After shopping in the city’s renowned designer shops and checking out some of its wonderful museums, add a little adrenalin to your day by visiting Liseberg. This famous park is Sweden’s no. 1 destination and Scandinavia’s largest amusement park. Enjoy the rides, the quirky setting and the wonderful events for an afternoon of old school entertainment.

But even if you don’t plan anything during your stay in Gothenburg, it’s worth the trip as you’ll probably come back healthier, happier, well fed and thoroughly relaxed.


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Perfectly situated between Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen, the second-largest city in Sweden has a unique character and much to offer globetrotting travelers.

Dining in Gothenburg

As Sweden’s second city, you might expect Gothenburg to be a great place to dine, and indeed you’d be right. Gothenburg has everything from unique street food to fine dining, and options to suit every taste and budget in between. 

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Although the city has many popular destinations, there are numerous hidden charms that you can explore for a unique yet fascinating experience. Let’s take a tour and see what this beautiful land has to offer.