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The Center of the World

London is a central hub of global culture and commerce but it’s also so much more. This is the ultimate metropolis. This old city has served many roles throughout the centuries and each one has left its mark on this town, marks that are a treat to discover when exploring the city. But if you find yourself getting lost in this hot spot of people and places, here’s the very basics to keep in mind.

London sprawls out around the river Thames and is largely characterized by this looping and powerful waterway. The bridges over the Thames are one of London’s main landmarks and each has its own charm. London also boasts ambitious gardens and parks, largely due to its royal heritage and history as a global empire. Check out the Japanese Kyoto Garden in Holland Park for example or the gorgeous St James’s Park in front of Buckingham Palace. After seeing where the Queen lives, check out the Tower of London where you can see the crown jewels in the royal vault and drink in the view of the Palace of Westminster, complete with Big Ben and its famous clockface.

Endless Attractions and Charming Streetscapes

The list of must-sees and attractions in London is enormous but a shortlist always includes sightseeing from the London Eye, shopping in Covent Garden, strolling around the labyrinth of the Seven Dials district, getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of people on Oxford Street, window-shopping on Regent Street, seeing a musical in one of Soho’s many theatres and getting stuck in human traffic on Trafalgar Square. This is the innermost circle and must-do of sightseeing but as you widen your perimeter make sure to check out the wonderful edgy areas of Shoreditch and Islington, taking a long walk along London’s many picturesque canals, and ogling the grand buildings of Belgravia, wondering which celebrity lives where. Notting Hill and Marylebone are obvious choices for the boutique shoppers and those that enjoy charming facades and colorful streets.

Don’t let your imagination limit your experience and let London surprise you with its endless array of fun activities, events and worthy excursions.

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