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Cheap flights to Malaga


Spain’s Sunniest City

Malaga on the south coast of Spain isn’t just sunny Spain’s sunniest city, it’s also one of the oldest cities in Europe. The city was founded approx. 700 BC, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people soon realized Malaga was a great place to live because this is a place of great weather, glorious views and prime conditions to live luxuriously, no matter the century.

Malaga is also a gorgeous city. You’ll find the old fortress Alcazaba here, a magnificent view from the hill of Gibralfaro, a 16th century cathedral, an old and charming downtown area with beautiful shops and wonderful restaurants, in addition to the golden beaches of the Costa del Sol, a red-carpet entrance to the Mediterranean. The city’s population is approx. 600,000 but Malaga’s all time most famous inhabitant is without a doubt the painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso. Malaga’s Picasso Museum is a must-see attraction, packed with the maestro’s works. If it wasn’t for one of the greatest artist in history, Hollywood heartthrob Antonio Banderas would probably earn the title of Malaga’s most famous son.

Indulge your Appetite

Foodies and their connoisseur companions should enjoy every minute in Malaga. Tasty tapas menus are everywhere, and the many restaurants of Malaga strive for perfection in this popular national dish. Deep fried pastry dish churros is a must try and you can’t leave Malaga without sampling its traditional nougat. Rinse it all down with world-renowned Spanish wines or a cool cocktail in the sun.

If an indulgent diet and deep relaxation on the beach proves a little too lethargic, a perfect activity and day tour is to go visit Caminito del Rey, only an hour outside of Malaga. “The king’s little pathway” is an otherworldly walkway hanging inside a gorgeous canyon approx. 100 meters in the air. The walkway underwent extensive renovations in 2015 despite still looking like a scene from an action movie but this popular tourist attraction is a breathtaking experience and a unique way to spend some time outdoors.

Fly to Malaga and experience over 1,000 years of history, beautiful architecture, world-renowned art, amazing food, gorgeous beaches, and of course, more sun than you ever dreamed of.