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Cheap flights to Salzburg


The Sweet Sound of Salzburg

Salzburg is Austria’s fourth largest city and often considered one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, if not the world’s. These sought-after aesthetics aren’t just found in the city’s historical streets and architecture, but also the incredibly horizon surrounding it. This is an Alpine kingdom if there ever was one and the views are so spectacular that you can’t help but stop in your tracks from time to time to stare at the mountains in awe.

Despite its showstopping beauty, Salzburg seems familiar to a lot of people, even if they’ve never been to Austria before. This is after all where the most famous musical of all time was shot, The Sound of Music, and first-time visitors often get a sudden urge to dance down a hillside singing in their skirts.

And let’s not forget Salzburg’s most famous inhabitant, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Classical music fans can take worthy pilgrimages to Salzburg, snacking on delicious chocolate treats named after the composer while visiting important sites from his life.

Renowned Resorts in a Ski Paradise

But to get to the point, PLAY doesn’t fly to Salzburg for the chocolates, Mozart’s childhood home or the Julie Andrews fans. Salzburg is a PLAY destination because few cities are better suited destinations for skiers and lovers of alpine sports. The airport and city are surrounded by some of the most famous ski resorts in the world, tucked into the glorious Alps in the background. World-famous and renowned resorts such as Kitzbühel, Bad Hofgastein and Flachau are in comfortable driving distance and some of these areas have repeatedly been named as the best ski resorts in the world. These amazing areas all around the city have pistes to suit everyone and great service to match. Private instructors, group classes, proper equipment, great beer and charming accommodation, these places have it all, not to mention a view that is truly hard to beat. Bringing the entire family to Salzburg for an unforgettable winter vacation is a sure hit.

And it really doesn’t hurt to take a break from the ski instructor and fresh mountain air by strolling around the gorgeous cultural overachiever that is Salzurg and soaking in this fairy tale of a city.

Enjoy the best Europe has to offer and enjoy Salzburg this winter.