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Did you see one of our advertised low prices and want to know more? Read our riveting terms here and grab a great deal on your next flight!

Flight deals

Explore our best prices and great deals on flights between Europe and the United States via Iceland.

Aerial view of Leman lake - Geneva city in Switzerland

Cheap flights to Europe

PLAY airlines offers affordable flights to Europe for budget-conscious travelers. With a wide range of destinations and convenient online booking, it's easy to plan your dream trip to Europe. Book with PLAY and start exploring all that Europe has to offer.

Cheap flights to the United States

As a budget-friendly airline, PLAY offers cheap flights to the United States for travelers looking to explore the country without breaking the bank. With our competitive prices and a wide selection of destinations, it's never been easier to plan your dream trip to the United States.

Cheap flights to Iceland

From the magical beauty of the northern lights to the otherworldly landscapes of the island's vast wilderness, Iceland has something for everyone. Enjoy the wellness of Iceland's geothermal heat, its majestic natural wonders and the friendly capital city of Reykjavik. Book your cheap flight to Iceland with PLAY today and start exploring all that this incredible country has to offer!

Last minute flights

Are you looking to book a cheap last-minute flight? Look no further! As a budget-friendly airline, we offer a wide selection of last-minute flights to destinations in Europe and the USA. Whether you're looking to take a quick weekend getaway or need to book a last-minute business trip, PLAY has you covered.

Northern lights flights

There's nothing like seeing the northern lights dance across the dark winter sky. Pair it with a luxury spa in the geothermal heat and you're in for a treat. Check out our cheapest flights to Iceland during northern lights season from late August until April and make a worthwhile dream come true.

Winter destinations

Enjoy the pristine landscapes of these magical places in winter and indulge in some alpine sports, glacier excursions and northern lights tours to make this a winter to remember. See our best deals and cheapest flights to our magical winter destinations this season!

Summer destinations

Soak in the sun at a beautiful beach in Spain or stroll around the monuments and boutiques in a charming city streetscape in the sunshine. Plan your summer properly this year and grab summer flights for a great price because you got there in good time. 

Ski destinations

Treat yourself to a proper adventure this winter and enjoy the pristine slopes at our popular ski destinations and play more because you paid much less for your flights.

Weekend Deals

Got plans this weekend? Why not treat yourself to a new experience and take a short break in an exciting city? We've got cheap weekend flights waiting for you.

Beach Vacations

Our sunny destinations have some of the best beaches in the world and whether you're looking for an urban escape with a beach option or a beach retreat to soak in the sun, we'll get you there for less.