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PLAY Gift Cards

Give a playful gift of unforgettable memories

How do I purchase a gift card with PLAY?

You just click this link here PLAY's GiftcardLink opens in a new tab specify the amount and if you receive the gift certificate in print.

You can also contact the Service Team directly here.

What rules apply to the gift card?

  • PLAY gift cards are valid for 4 years
  • The flight must be booked within the gift card's validity
  • You can obviously give your gift card to another person, there's no name attached to it, only a code

Please note that if you lose a gift card you've lost its value

How do I use the gift card?

In the payment step of the booking process, just press Enter a gift card and hit Apply when you have entered the gift card code.

The booking's total price will be reduced by the amount of the gift card.

If the gift card's amount is higher than the booking's total price, the difference is stored on the same gift card code with the same validity. Please note that you will always be required to add a credit card even though there is no payment due, to secure the booking.